AI-UNO often participates in and organizes various networking events and conferences worldwide. These events serve as opportunities for NGOs to collaborate, share knowledge, discuss global issues, and advocate for their causes. Here are some common types of NGO

networking events held globally:

Invite Our Country Representatives, Managers, Peace Ambassadors, Social Ambassadors and executive management will always welcome your invitation letter with feel of honors.  write event details with subject of “Events” to

1.      NGO Conferences:

2.      Workshops and Seminars:

3.      Webinars and Virtual Conferences:

4.     NGO Expos and Fairs:

5.      Regional and Local Meetings:

6.      Advocacy and Lobbying Events:

7.      Fundraising Galas and Charity Auctions:

8.      Roundtable Discussions:

9.      Partnership Forums:

10. Youth and Student Conferences:

To find information about upcoming NGO networking events worldwide, you can:

1.      Check NGO-focused websites, forums, and social media platforms for event announcements.

2.      Subscribe to newsletters and mailing lists of relevant NGOs or event organizers.

3.      Explore event platforms, such as Event brite or Meet up, which often list NGO-related events.

4.      Look for announcements on professional networks like LinkedIn.

5.      Consult with local and international NGOs and their representatives for information on relevant events.


Attending these events can provide valuable networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and a chance to contribute to the global effort in various fields such as humanitarian aid,

sustainable development, environmental conservation, and social justice.

Worldwide Holidays in 2024

Date                                       Name


7-Jan   Saturday                    International Programmers’ Day

15-Jan Sunday                       World Religion Day

26-Jan Thursday                   International Customs Day

29-Jan Sunday                       World Leprosy Day

2-Feb  Thursday                   World Wetlands Day

4-Feb  Saturday                    World Cancer Day

11-Feb            Saturday                    World Day of the Sick

1-Mar Wednesday                Self-Injury Awareness Day

9-Mar Thursday                   World Kidney Day

15-Mar                                   Wednesday Long Covid Awareness Day

25-Mar Saturday                   Earth Hour

31-Mar Friday                       International Transgender Day of Visibility

1-Apr  Saturday                    April Fool’s Day

15-Apr Saturday                   World Art Day

18-Apr Tuesday                    International Day for Monuments and Sites

7-May Sunday                       International Family Equality Day

8-May Monday                      World Ovarian Cancer Day

8-May Monday                      World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

12-May Friday                       International Nurses Day

20-May Saturday                  World Autoimmune Arthritis Day

25-May Thursday                 African Liberation Day

31-Aug Thursday                  International Overdose Awareness Day

4-Sep   Monday                      World Sexual Health Day

7-Sep   Thursday                   Still’s Disease Awareness Day

10-Sep Sunday                       World Suicide Prevention Day

13-Sep Wednesday                International Programmers’ Day

23-Sep Saturday                    International Celebrate Bisexuality Day

28-Sep Thursday                   World Rabies Day

29-Sep Friday                         World Heart Day

1-Oct   Sunday                       World Vegetarian Day

6-Oct   Friday                         World Cerebral Palsy Day

12-Oct Thursday                   World Sight Day

29-Oct Sunday                       World Stroke Day

1-Nov  Wednesday                World Vegan Day

12-Nov Sunday                      World Pneumonia Day

17-Nov Friday                       World Prematurity Day

19-Nov Sunday                      International Men’s Day

20-Nov Monday                     Transgender Day of Remembrance

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