how register NGO in Canada?

how register NGO in Canada?

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Registering an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in Canada involves several steps, including choosing a legal structure, meeting the legal requirements, and adhering to government regulations. The specific process may vary depending on the province or territory where you intend to register. Here’s a general overview of how to register an NGO in Canada:

  1. Choose a Legal Structure:
    • Determine the legal structure for your NGO. Common structures include non-profit organizations, charities, and social enterprises. The choice of structure will affect your eligibility for tax benefits and your reporting requirements.
  2. Name Your NGO:
    • Choose a unique and appropriate name for your organization. Ensure it’s not already in use by another entity. You can check the name availability with the relevant provincial or territorial authority.
  3. Draft a Constitution or Bylaws:
    • Create a constitution or bylaws that outline your NGO’s purpose, governance structure, membership, and operating procedures. This document will guide your organization’s activities.
  4. Board of Directors:
    • Appoint a board of directors. The number of directors and their roles may be specified in your constitution or bylaws. These individuals will provide leadership and oversight for the organization.
  5. Register Federally or Provincially:
    • You can choose to register your NGO at the federal level (under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act) or provincially/territorially. The process will differ depending on your choice. Most NGOs choose to register provincially since it’s more common and often simpler.
  6. Federally Registered NGOs:
    • If you decide to register federally, you must apply to Corporations Canada. You’ll need to submit articles of incorporation and other required documents.
  7. Provincial or Territorial Registration:
    • If you opt for provincial or territorial registration, contact the relevant provincial or territorial government authority responsible for nonprofit organizations. Each province or territory may have a different process. For example, in Ontario, you would contact the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.
  8. Apply for Charitable Status (Optional):
    • If you intend to operate as a charity and wish to issue tax receipts to donors, you’ll need to apply for charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This process involves meeting specific requirements and providing financial information.
  9. Business Number and Registered Charity Number:
    • If you’re registered as a charity, the CRA will provide you with a Business Number and, if approved, a Registered Charity Number. This will enable you to conduct tax-exempt activities and issue tax receipts.
  10. Comply with Reporting and Regulatory Requirements:
    • Ensure that you adhere to all reporting and regulatory requirements, which may include filing annual reports, financial statements, and maintaining accurate records.
  11. Ongoing Compliance:
    • Be aware of and comply with federal, provincial, and territorial laws and regulations related to nonprofit organizations and charities. This includes financial reporting, tax obligations, and governance requirements.

It’s highly recommended that you consult with a lawyer or legal advisor experienced in nonprofit and charitable organizations to ensure that you navigate the registration process correctly and meet all legal requirements. Additionally, you should be aware that the process and requirements may change over time, so it’s important to check with the relevant authorities for the most current information and forms.

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