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AI-UNO stands by United NGOs Organization, World Largest NGOs platform. This platform is huge number of NGOs network, now we collected more than 0.1 million NGOs around the world, we want to join more NGOs and Strong platform for the benefits of local, national and International NGOs, Trusts, CSOs, Societies, Foundations and Social groups. These positions are voluntarily basis working.

Require Executive Staff Numbers
Country Director 1
Country Managers 3
Brand Ambassador 2
Social Ambassador 2
Peace Ambassador 2

Please before joining study and follow the criteria for selection, read the below link about criteria article. Write your request Post Name in Subject like i.e. “Country Director” at info@aiuno.org

When selecting a candidate for the role of Country Director, there are several important criteria to consider. This role often requires a combination of leadership, management, and cultural sensitivity skills. Here are some key selection criteria to evaluate potential candidates:

  1. Leadership Skills: A Country Director should demonstrate strong leadership skills, including the ability to inspire and motivate teams, make tough decisions, and provide a clear vision for the organization’s mission in the country.
  2. Management Experience: Candidates should have a proven track record of effective management, including overseeing budgets, resources, and personnel. Experience in program/project management is often crucial.
  3. Cultural Competency: Understanding and respecting the culture, customs, and social dynamics of the country in which the organization operates is essential. This includes language proficiency and a demonstrated ability to work effectively in a cross-cultural environment.
  4. Strategic Thinking: A Country Director must be able to develop and implement strategic plans that align with the organization’s mission and objectives, adapting to the unique challenges and opportunities within the country.
  5. Stakeholder Engagement: Successful candidates should have experience building and maintaining relationships with local partners, government agencies, donors, and other stakeholders critical to the organization’s work.
  6. Financial Acumen: The ability to manage budgets, secure funding, and ensure financial sustainability is crucial. Knowledge of local financial regulations and funding sources is often an advantage.
  7. Problem-Solving and Adaptability: Country Directors must be adept at handling challenges and adapting to changing circumstances, particularly in regions with political or economic volatility.
  8. Team Building and Development: The ability to build and develop a diverse and effective team, including training and mentoring staff, is essential for success in this role.
  9. Ethical Leadership: Demonstrated commitment to ethical and responsible leadership, with a strong dedication to the organization’s values and principles.
  10. Communication Skills: Effective communication, both internally and externally, is important for conveying the organization’s mission and building relationships with stakeholders.
  11. Results-Oriented: Candidates should have a history of achieving measurable results and outcomes in their previous roles, as this is often a key performance indicator for the position.
  12. Conflict Resolution: The ability to manage conflicts and disputes within the organization and with external partners is vital for maintaining a productive and harmonious work environment.
  13. Security Awareness: In some countries, the security situation can be challenging. A strong understanding of safety and security protocols, as well as the ability to ensure the safety of staff, is important.
  14. Long-Term Commitment: Organizations often prefer candidates who are committed to staying in the role for an extended period to provide stability and continuity.
  15. Innovative Thinking: Demonstrated ability to introduce innovative approaches and technologies to improve the organization’s effectiveness and impact.
  16. Education and Qualifications: A relevant educational background, such as a master’s degree in international development, business, or a related field, can be advantageous.
  17. NGOs Listing: every position holder register more NGOs in your area or national wide and send to management of AI-UNO with subject of Country name/positions applied/Name of applicant

When evaluating candidates for the positions, it’s important to consider how they meet these criteria and whether their skills and experiences align with the specific needs and goals of the organization within the country of operation.




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