spencer small grant providing USA and Europe countries for NGOs

spencer small grant providing USA and Europe countries for NGOs

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The Spencer Foundation, which primarily supports educational research, generally provides grants to individuals and institutions in the United States. It may have specific grant programs or initiatives that involve partnerships or collaborations with organizations in Europe, but it does not typically provide grants to NGOs or institutions outside the United States.

If you’re looking for funding opportunities for NGOs in the United States and Europe, you may want to consider other foundations or grantmaking organizations that focus on international or transatlantic initiatives. Here are a few steps to help you find potential funding sources:

  1. Research Grantmakers: Identify foundations, trusts, and organizations that provide funding for NGOs and projects in both the United States and Europe. Look for grantmakers with a global or transatlantic focus.
  2. Use Grant Databases: Utilize online grant databases and directories like the Foundation Directory Online, GrantWatch, or the European Foundation Centre’s resources to search for relevant grant opportunities.
  3. Check Government Agencies: Some government agencies in the United States and European countries offer grants for NGOs working on international or cross-border projects. Investigate the grant programs offered by government departments focused on foreign affairs, development, or social issues.
  4. Explore International NGOs: Some international NGOs and organizations provide funding or partnership opportunities for NGOs in the United States and Europe. Look for NGOs with a global reach and a focus on specific issues that align with your organization’s mission.
  5. Contact Local and Regional Philanthropic Organizations: Reach out to local and regional philanthropic organizations in both the United States and Europe that may have an interest in supporting NGOs with transatlantic initiatives.
  6. Network and Collaborate: Build relationships with organizations, institutions, and individuals with transatlantic connections. Collaborative projects often attract more funding opportunities.
  7. Tailor Your Proposals: When applying for grants, tailor your proposals to clearly demonstrate how your NGO’s work benefits both the United States and Europe, as well as how it aligns with the priorities of the specific grantmaker.
  8. Participate in Workshops and Seminars: Attend workshops, seminars, and conferences that focus on international collaboration and grant-seeking. These events provide valuable networking opportunities and insights into funding possibilities.
  9. Consult Grantwriting Experts: If possible, seek the assistance of grantwriting professionals or consultants who are experienced in securing funding for international and cross-border projects.
  10. Stay Informed: Keep abreast of new grant opportunities by subscribing to newsletters, following grantmaking organizations on social media, and regularly checking their websites for updates.

Remember that securing grants for transatlantic or international projects can be competitive, so it’s important to thoroughly research, develop compelling proposals, and establish strong partnerships to increase your chances of obtaining funding for your NGO’s initiatives in the United States and Europe.

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